At present we are working at numerous hospital sites across the South East, constructing new large Oxygen storage vessels required in the fight against Covid-19.
We have started new sites in Balcombe and Beckenham.
In October, Len and Mary started a 2500 km walk around the coast of Ireland to raise funds for the Open-House homeless charity in Crawley. Graciously all our fantastic sponsors agreed to pay pledges in full despite the goal not being achieved at this time. We would like to thank all our suppliers, clients and employees for all their support, and well wishes most of all. The good news doesn't stop there as sales of Len's Bestseller Keep 'Er Lit has contributed to the many thousands raised for the homeless charity. You can help too if you buy the book and all the proceeds of sales will go towards helping those in need. Thank you all!
Our Len Nugent has recently been interviewed by Best Of Belfast to tell all about growing up in Belfast and his journey to success running a multi-million-pound company.
Give a wave to Director Mark Schneidau if you see him heading to site on his new set of wheels.